Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surviving the Snow?

We got 20 inches of snow by my house, starting Tuesday and ending Wednesday.  Now, of course, we have freezing temps!  I don't mind the snow, but the cold-- *brrr*.  The whole town pretty much shut down yesterday and for good reason!  

Unlike Tuesday, Wednesday brought the sun and we actually got to go out in the snow and play a bit! It truly was a snow day!

To all those readers also affected by the snow--- stay warm!  And grab a good book to read by the windows-- that's what I did!  

Your regularly scheduled review will be back next week!!!  (And if anyone likes dolls, check out my doll blog and see what my latest splurge was!) 


bookish wonders said...

I got a lot of snow too!
Wednesday almost every place was shut down and A LOT of school were closed. they're closed today to because the walkways aren't plowed yet for those who walk.
I agree, I hate the cold. but love the snow [:
Stay Warm!

Catt said...

I can only dream of having that much snow fall in Texas :D There are chances it might snow, but nothing like that. One day, I see that much snow!

Would love to see my animals running through it like your dog is :D so cute :D

Sarah said...

20 inches, ouch! They were forcasting even more than that for my area, had a big winter advisory going, and we ended up with only like 8 inches.

Hope you're enjoying the snow days and reading!