Monday, February 7, 2011

Fantasy Cast: Tomorrows Guardian

This week I'll be hosting author Richard Denning in honor of the release of the paperback edition of his novel 'Tomorrow's Guardian'. I thought it would be fun to create a fantasy cast for the book! Let's begin, shall we?

Alexander Ludwig (The Seeker) as Thomas:
Thomas- The main character in 'Tomorrows Guardian', Thomas is a kid on the verge of becoming a young man.  He's quick witted, smart, and a true friend.

Let me set the record straight-- while I pretty much hated the travesty that was 'The Seeker' (in which Alexander played the title character), I put most of the blame on the producers, script writers, and anyone at all included with pre-production. As an actor, you have to do the best with what's given to you and Alexander suffered from having to read a *really bad* script (think Hayden Christensen in the Star Wars prequels)

Is this kid the most spectacular actor? No, but he's still growing. I think he has the look of Thomas (though his hair may need to be dyed darker) and good enough acting chops to play him. He's a little older than the original characters age, but in movies age doesn't always matter.

Colin Morgan (Merlin) OR Gregory Smith (Everwood) as Septimus Mason:

Septimus Mason- Septimus is a time traveler very much like Han Solo. In his mid twenties, you're not always sure of his intentions, but you want to always hope his intentions are good... 

I chose two actors similar to Mason's age in the story, but who both have baby faces. That way, it won't seem out of place for them to be hanging out with the younger Thomas.

Colin Morgan and Gregory Smith are both fantastic picks for this character. They're both solid actors who play believable characters every time they are on screen. They both also happen to be two crushes of mine. :-)

Jim Broadbent (Inkheart) as the Professor:
Professor- He is the person behind The Hourglass Institute, the Professor X of the cast.

Jim Broadbent just reads the professor to me. When it comes to casting this role, he is pretty much the picture in my head. I wish I had more to back this up, but I think he would be great.

Tom Ellis (Doctor Who) as Edward:
Edward- Edward is a soldier battling Zulu's in a battle that I don't recall learning about-- ever.  (So that's all the history you get in this bio!) But is he more than just a soldier?

I've only seen this guy in Merlin and Doctor Who, but according to his IMDB he has done quite a bit! I think he has the look and is around the right age to play Edward, a time agent taken out of his own time and thrust into a future *very* different from his own.

Zac Efron as Charlie:
Charlie- Charlie is a sailor fighting World War II.  Course... There's always more than meets the eye in sci-fi, right?

(Rest assured-- if I did cast a movie, it would have lots of pretty boys in it, don't you think.)  Why Zac for this character? Of the three people taken out of time by Thomas and Septimus, he's the youngest and from a time closest to present day. Zac fits the bill in age, physique, and acting ability.

??? as Mary:
Mary- Mary is a baker's assistant in during the London fire of 1666.  Through the course of the novel, she finds out that all talents are not to be ashamed of...

I had a bit of a problem casting this character because I just couldn't figure out her age. Well, I now know she's 16 years old...  Let me ponder this role for a bit and I'll add an actress in this post later!

Leonard Nimoy as the Redfeld:
Redfeld- Every series needs an unscrupulous character and this guy is it...

Believe it or not, I've only ever seen Leonard Nimoy playing Spock. A travesty, right? I'd really like to see him play someone a bit shady... And Redfeld is definetly shady!!!

And there you have it--- my fantasy cast of 'Tomorrow's Guardian'.  Somehow I managed to accidentally fit in three of my celebrity crushes and two Star Wars references...  

For those who have read the book, what do you think?  Who would you cast?

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