Thursday, February 17, 2011

Contest: Win a Chance to Work with Lou Aronica, Author of 'Blue'!

As you might have noticed, many posts this week have been dedicated to Lou Aronica's new book, 'Blue'. In conjunction with his blog tour, Lou is hosting a fantastic contest that should interest anyone looking to one day get published!

Here are the details. They can also be found on Lou's Blog Tour site HERE.

"New York Times bestselling co-author, novelist, and former Publisher of Avon Books and Berkley Books, Lou Aronica has created a unique and exciting offer to anyone that is going to follow his upcoming book tour with Pump Up Your Book. 
His extensive experience in the publishing and editing fields has given him insight into an industry that continues to grow and change daily. Once again, that insight has led him to offer a contest that is truly special in so many ways. 
Lou will be accepting story pitches from followers of his blog tour. These story pitches must be for short stories pertaining to the fantasy world of his novel, “Blue.” This contest will allow 10 lucky people the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to have their story published in an upcoming companion anthology to “Blue.” Lou will hand pick the winners, edit their stories, include them in the anthology and give them a pro-rated share of the royalties. How can you pass up an opportunity like this? 
Now for the details:
The pitch should include a synopsis of the proposed story and a sample of the submitting author’s fiction writing. Specify the expected length of the story. 
The pitch needs to be submitted by April 16, 2011 
Please email your submission to Lou at 
All winners will be notified by email by May 27, 2011."

Good luck to all who enter this fantastic contest! To see more posts dedicated to 'Blue', don't forget to hit the tag!

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