Wednesday, February 9, 2011

S.O.S Book of the Week

The S.O.S Book of the Week is where I let you in on what new releases I'm looking forward to! S.O.S comes from the term 'Strict on Sale'. It's bookseller speak for a title that you can't sell before a specific date-- think Harry Potter. While the books I have here may not be S.O.S titles specifically, they are all new!

The S.O.S. Book of the Week is:
Taken from Goodreads, "Knightley Academy is back in session, and Henry Grim is confident that nothing else can prevent him from earning his knighthood. But Henry and his friends quickly discover that their professors have made some troubling changes to the curriculum. 

News from the Nordlands has grown more disturbing, yet school life offers plenty of distractions in the form of a new medicine master with a penchant for disguise, Frankie’s schemes to chase off her chaperone, and an old classroom filled with forgotten weapons. It is the discovery of this classroom that prompts Henry and Valmont to become the unlikely leaders of a secret battle society. And when Henry and his friends have the opportunity to join an envoy to the Nordlands disguised as servants, they seize the chance to find proof of a gathering invasion before it is too late.

But disaster strikes as Henry, Adam and Frankie find themselves stuck as Partisan School servants. And when Henry is discovered by a secret society of outlaws with a sinister purpose, he must come to terms with a great sacrifice that will take him away from everything he has ever known and wanted."

One of my favorite books of last year was Violet Haberdasher's 'Knightley Academy'. The sequel to that, entitled 'The Secret Prince', is due out June 2011! This is a 2011 release that I fully expect to buy within the first week of its release! I hope it's as addictive a read as 'Knightley Academy'!

The only downside thus far? I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the cover. It just doesn't look like it will fit well with my hardcover of the original novel... Thankfully, covers change like the weather, so it may change before the actual release! :-)

Are you looking forward to this release? What do you want to see?


Alison Can Read said...

This looks cute. Is it an MG book? Sounds like a good non-romance. It's nice to have those sometimes.

Brooke said...

Alison- I don't actually know what MG stands for. Does it stand for multi-generational? If it does, then, yes. It's totally a series that is fun for all ages!

It's a great juvi series and reads similar to Harry Potter.

I try to break up YA supernatural romances with a non romance time to time. I totally agree-- it's nice to have a break from angst every now and then!

Alison Can Read said...

Middle grade actually. It does sound Harry Potter like. I'll have to check it out.

Small Review said...

I've heard such good things about this series! Do you know how many are supposed to be published?

Brooke said...

Alison- Oh, middle grade! Good to know!

Small Review- I have no idea. From what I can tell it should be longer than a trilogy, more like Harry Potter or Charlie Bone. That's just my own guess, though!

I say it's about time to read 'Knightley Academy'! It's *really* good!

Liddy said...

That book looks awesome!
I love your answers, I totally agree.
Have a great weekend, thanks for following :)