Tuesday, December 7, 2010

S.O.S Book of the Week

The S.O.S Book of the Week is where I let you in on what new releases I'm looking forward to! S.O.S comes from the term 'Strict on Sale'. It's bookseller speak for a title that you can't sell before a specific date-- think Harry Potter. While the books I have here may not be S.O.S titles specifically, they are all new!

The S.O.S. Book of the Week is:

Taken from Goodreads, "After being sent back from the light, Alona Dare–former homecoming queen, current Queen of the Dead–finds herself doing something she never expected: working. Instead of spending days perfecting her tan by the pool (her typical summer routine when she was, you know, alive), Alona must now cater to the needs of other lost spirits. By her side for all of this, ugh, “helping of others” is Will Killian: social outcast, seer of the dead, and someone Alona cares about more than she’d like.

Before Alona can make a final ruling on Will’s “friend” or “more” status, though, she discovers trouble at home. Her mom is tossing out Alona’s most valuable possessions, and her dad is expecting a new daughter with his wicked wife. Is it possible her family is already moving on? Hello?! She’s only been dead for two months! Thankfully, Alona knows just the guy who can put a stop to this mess.

Unfortunately for Alona, Will has other stuff on his mind, and Mina, a young (and beautiful) seer, is at the top of the list. She’s the first ghost-talker Will’s ever met—aside from his father—and she may hold answers to Will’s troubled past. But can she be trusted? Alona immediately signs her name in the “clearly not” column. But Will is, ahem, willing to find out, even if it means leaving a hurt and angry Alona to her own devices, which is never a good idea.

Packed with romance, lovable characters, and a killer cliffhanger, Queen of the Dead is the out-of-this-world sequel to The Ghost and the Goth."

'Queen of the Dead' has a release date of June 2011 and holds a spot on my 'eager to read' list! If you read my review of 'The Ghost and the Goth', then you know that I quite enjoyed it. I hope that 'Queen of the Dead' holds the same enjoyment! This series is flying under the radar at the moment, but I think once we see this follow up tale hit store shelves, it will become as popular as it deserves to be!!!

Are you looking forward to this title?


Good Choice Reading said...

I am waiting for this book too!!!! :0) I love the new cover!!

Aylee said...

I've heard surprisingly good things about the first book in this series. "Surprisingly" because this isn't the type of book I would go for. I may have to check it out.
Also, I never knew what S.O.S. stood for. You learn something everyday.

Karen said...

Oh no! Cliffhanger?? I loved the first book so I'm looking forward to this one.

Small Review said...

I can't wait for this book! I really liked the first one, and it sounds like the second one will be even better. I hope the romance picks up!

Brooke said...

Dee--I don't love the cover, but I like the continuity between the first cover and this working cover. :-)

Aylee--I totally understand. I had put the book off until I found out a bit more about the author and thought it was time to dive in. I'm glad I didn't let it sit on my 'to Read' pile any longer than it did!

Karen--I know, I am a bit worried about said cliff hanger!!!!

Small Review--It would be nice to have a bit more romance in this one. For the purposes of the original novel, I think that the romance was perfect. Now that we know the characters, overall plot, and setting, I do hope they amp up the romance, too.