Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-- The Movie

I saw the first of my holiday movies the other day-- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Here's a few of my thoughts!!!

The Book:
Before going into the movie, I'd just like to give you an idea of what I thought about about the book... Overall, I gave this final Harry Potter book 3/5 stars. Rowling did a good job at writing a fitting ending to the story. I knocked it off a few stars because of a problem I've had with JK Rowling's style since 'Order of the Phoenix'-- the editing. No one wanted Harry Potter to end, I know that, but the book could have been shorter. The treasure hunt for the Horcrux's never really caught my interest and honestly, I can't say I remember much of the literary details given in the first half of 'Deathly Hallows'.    The second half?  I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I'll save the details for the Part 2 movie review.  :-)

The Movie:
Just like the movie adaptation of 'Order of the Phoenix', I enjoyed Part 1 of 'Deathly Hallows' quite a bit more than reading it.  

Here's a few free form thoughts about the movie!

  • The acting- The kids really have grown in their acting ability.  They were fine in the original film, but you can really tell the difference between now and then.  .  
  • Ron- Poor Ron has always been cut from movies.  He's been in them, but it seems he gets a handful of one liners and that's about it.  In 'Deathly Hallows', Ron actually has a role to play!  He had his traditional one liners, yes, but was also given some emotional bits.  Yay! 
  • Dan Radcliffe-  My, oh, my, he's grown up.  He should wear stubble more often. ;-)
  • Draco- Would have loved to see a little more reaction from him during the scene in his house...
  • The Adaptation- I've loved most of the Harry Potter Adaptations ('Azkaban' not included).  'Deathly Hallows' is no exception.  I heard complaints that the script followed the book too closely, but I didn't feel that at all.  If anything, I think the elements were transcribed quite well for this film.  The adaptation had humor (ie: harry's birthday), action, lots of pretty forests/nature scenes, and some hard core emotional elements!
  • The End- Oh goodness!  I've just got done praising the adaptation, but have to say-- what was with the Lord of the Rings-esc ending?!  I guess it was the most logical place to end the story, but to leave Harry and the gang on such a sad note!!!  Next movie, please!!!!
  • Dobby-  Dobby will forever make me cry!!!  (Just like Harry returning Cedric to the field!)  I wonder if those who have only experienced Harry Potter through the movies will feel Dobby's loss as hard as those of us who have read the books.  The scene was directed *perfectly*, btw.  And Harry's line about not using magic to...  So sad!!!  
  • Characters- LOVED that they brought back so many characters!  Too bad they were pretty much cameo appearances.  Would have liked to see Lupin and Tonks deliver their news, though!!!!  Also loved that they're letting Neville grow up!  (BTW, have you seen what actor Matthew Lewis looks like when he's not playing Neville?!  One word- hot!)  And finally on characters, Luna--always hilarious.  If Ginny weren't meant to be with Harry, I would totally ship Harry/Luna!
  • Hedwig- Wow, that was quick.  Truth?  I teared up when I read that sequence in the books.  It was just so sad.  In the movie,however, it kind of came and went.  Hagrid's look towards Harry after it happened-- so filled with emotion.  
  • Harry and Hermione-  I don't actually remember so much Harry/Hermione shipping in the books.  Maybe I missed it?  Or Maybe it was amped up for the movie?  I'll have to double check with the books later...
The Final Verdict:
If I had to rate this, it would get 5/5 stars.  Everything was done just right, even the sad bits.  

What did you think of Harry Potter?  Share your thoughts!


Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Excellent break-down and review, Brooke! I LOVED the movie, too, though the scene where Ron saw the Horcrux vision of Harry and Hermione bloody well creeped me out ;)

Katie Edwards said...

Great review and I agree with you. My one anxiety is that people who haven't read the books and are only casual fans of the films would have been confused by all the characters, like Dobby, who haven't been seen for several films. But for people who've read the books - brilliant! (I was so pleased to finally see Bill Weasley!)

Brooke said...

Melissa- I agree!!! The scene between Harry and Hermione creeped me out, too. I think it stem from never actually shipping Harry/Hermione. The idea never came to mind when reading the series. Ever.

The movies, however, seem to be very heavy with the Harry/Hermione relationship. They seem to have a very touchy/feely friendship happening!

Katie- I'll have to ask my friend who hasn't read Harry Potter if he was confused. It would be a lot to take in if you are only an occasional watcher of the movies!!!

Yes, Bill was a nice introduction. I was wondering what they were going to do with that!

Aylee said...

How interesting that you thought the movie was better than the book. Can't say I agree but it was interesting reading your thoughts anyway!
I'm so happy they gave Rupert more to do in this movie, too! And no, there definitely was no hint of Harry/Hermione in the books. They played up that angle purely for the movie.