Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy November!

It's that time again! Welcome to November 2010. Only 54 days till Christmas, by the way! Time to start shopping!

Down the Rabbit Hole is hosting some great guest posts in honor of their 'Love Triangle Week'! Head on over to the site to join in on the fun and to cast your 'Team' vote! Books included in this love triangle week are 'Hunger Games', 'Matched', 'Uglies', and more!

To be honest, I haven't been able to pick up my current read at all this past week. I'll be back with my regularly scheduled book review next week.

I'd like to extend good luck to any bloggers who are NaNo'ing this month! I always have good intentions, but never finish! I plan on starting later this week. :-)

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Kathy Habel said...

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great weekend.