Monday, November 15, 2010

Fantasy Cast: The Host

Now that the Twilight movie franchise is almost complete, it's time to look to another Stephenie Meyer title-- 'The Host'. 'The Host' is one of my favorite books and I really hope they do it justice on the silver screen.

For you enjoyment, here is my fantasy cast for 'The Host'.

Ian Somerhalder (credits: Vampire Dairies, Lost) as Ian:

Ian is perfect for the role of, well, Ian. He has the look and the acting chops!

Matt Lanter (credits: 90210, The Clone Wars) as Jared:

Matt is under-rated as an actor. Take him out of the 90210 environment and I think we'll see a lot from him. Jared is a tough character to cast because he has to be a semi-likable jerk through most of the movie. Dress him up like the 26 year old he is and I think Matt could accomplish that (and win a few hearts while doing it).

Runner up for Jared: Eoin Macken (credits: Merlin)

Jason Behr (credits: Roswell) as Kyle:

I wanted to find an actor that looked like he could be related to Ian. Jason bears a bit of a resemblance. I think this movie could thrive as an ensemble piece as long as it's not cluttered down with 'blockbuster' actors. Jason worked wonders in his 'Roswell' years working in an ensemble and could do the same here as Kyle.

Jeff Fahey (credits: Lost) as Jeb:

It was hard picking Jeb! I went through so many-- John Goodman, Treat Williams... But I think I have my favorite. Jeff Fahey played the pilot on Lost during the last few seasons and he kind of looks like the Jeb I was looking for. Plus, along the same lines as Jason, he works well in an ensemble!!!

William Sadler (credits: Roswell) as Doc:

I don't know about any physical description, but I always pictured doc older and skinny (not built). William Sadler would be perfect. He plays emotional well and has good comedic timing. Most importantly, he has a friendly persona that comes off swimmingly on screen!

Jemima Rooper (credits: Hex)as Melanie/Wanderer:

I found it really hard to pick Melanie/Wanderer's actress. I'm not 100% happy with this casting, but I think Jemima Rooper might be a good pick.  That being said, who would you place here?

So there you have it. My fantasy cast for 'The Host'. How does it compare to yours? Who do you think should play Wanderer? What characters do they need to get right for you to watch this adaptation?


Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Good Lord, Ian Somerhalder is so bloody hot! He would totally make the perfect Ian :)

Brooke said...

Melissa--I agree!!! (I just realized looking at my list-- it's totally obvious my personal choice in guys is dark hair/eyes!)

Bea said...

I love fantasy casting! Definitely one of my favorite ways to spend a car ride. I like Jemima Rooper, but I agree that I am not totally sold on her for Melanie. However, I don't particularly have an alternative in mind. What a fun post!

Brooke said...

Bea- Thanks for visiting! If you think of a Melanie, let me know! :)