Friday, July 2, 2010

Question of the Month: Eclipse

The concept behind the Question of the Month is simple. I ask a question and you chime in with your responses! Not too complicated, but always fun!

The Question of the Month is: The third book in the Twilight Saga came to the big screen recently.  What did you think of 'Eclipse', the movie?  Was it better than the book?  Worse?  What was your favorite (or least favorite) bit? Share your thoughts!

I didn't mean to see Eclipse opening weekend. Actually, I was dead-set against it. As mentioned multiple times, I'm a recovered Twi-hard, keyword: recovered. My aunt, however, is a little more obsessed. When she and my (reluctant) uncle asked if I wanted to go to the theater to see it, I couldn't really say no. They were my only hope of seeing it as part of a group! (I don't like seeing movies by myself. I will, but it's always more fun with people you know!) So, long story short, I saw it opening day.

Overall, I enjoyed it more than the first two. I still don't think I'll be buying it on DVD anytime soon, but the fact that we weren't so inside Bella's head in the movie version of Eclipse helped the story a lot. Also helping Eclipse is the fact that Rob Pattinson smiles! I like seeing happy Edward! Charlie was priceless and always funny. He's always a welcome sight in these movie adaptations. And as for the Cullens, it was nice getting to see Jasper for more than a minute, though his accent sounded odd and a bit distracting. So, like I said, overall it may be the best of the movies so far. It's not anything I need to re-watch tomorrow, but it wasn't a complete waste of my money.

There's my answer-- now for yours!

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