Friday, July 2, 2010

News: Happy July, Folks!

I'd like to wish a Happy July to everyone!  I hope it brings some good reads into your hands! (I sure hope it does mine!)

On another note, keep the followers coming! I have a ton of books that I don't plan on re-reading and can't give them away until I have a large enough readership!!! I'll do my part by posting more reviews and trying to catch more of my typo's quicker, but need at least 60 followers before I can giveaway anything.

Feel free to comment, too! Comments make me happy (unless they're spam :p)!!! Trust me, you'll be doing your good deed of the day if you leave a fun comment on this little blog!

Big 'Thank You!' to all those who stopped by so far, especially the authors who have commented or tweeted my posts. You all rock!

That's it for now. Until next time, my friends!

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