Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday- Mean Girls

Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme started by 'The Broke and the Bookish'. Please head over to their site for more information! This week is 'Top Ten Mean Girls'. (Only five this week, b/c this question is hard!!!)

Top FIVE Mean Girls

1- Rose from the Vampire Academy novels: True, if I tried to slap Rose, she'd probably see it coming a mile away and get me first, but that girl annoyed the heck out of me half the time. This was especially true when it came to book five and six in the series. If you think about it, Rose's whole journey involved using people for her own personal gain. We get hardly any guilt from the girl in regards to that fact. I can't say anymore without spoiling, but ahh, she was a really annoying main character.
2- The White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia: The White Witch is pretty much the definition of 'mean girl'.
3- Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter/Order of the Phoenix: Who doesn't love to hate Umbridge? She is one of the meanest characters in Harry Potter. Just thinking of Harry's 'I won't tell lies' situation makes me shudder.
4- Jessica Wakefield from Sweet Valley High/Kids/Confidential: While Elizabeth isn't exactly innocent, Jessica was definitely the bad twin. All the crazy things she did to sabatage others... Not good at all!
5- Alice from Prophecy of the Sisters: Again, not the good twin.  Not the good twin at all.  

Who are your picks for this week's theme?  (And while you're visiting, check out my ebook giveaway!  Low entries so far!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! You have Sweet Valley High! That's so true, and so awesome that you can remember that. I realized after I posted I should have added Hilly from The Help cause she's a monster too, and you just reminded me of how much I screamed when they brought in Dolores Umbridge, totally forgot about her. I think its because I don't have Harry Potter listed on my read list and thats what I went through. I should, I've read them all and loved them.

I do like the Anita Blake books, well I liked everything before Micah, and even that is kind of pushing it. The book she's releasing this year does look good though. I don't like how much she wrote out Jean Claude. =/

Linda (Cat) said...

Ahh, Dolores. Eeep she's terrible. I didn't think about her. Nice list!

Emily said...

Perfect picks! I agree with all of them.

kat said...

delores umbridge!! ARG! hate her. excellent choices! I would slap them all with you.