Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book Blogger Hop/Follow Friday/Update

Wow, what a week! There's been a bit of a commotion on this little blog this week as I posted my first ebook review, along with a Q/A with its author and a giveaway post!

I also made a few less happy posts this week-- one about the closing of the North American Tokyopop offices and one about the passing of Doctor Who actress Lis Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith to Who'vians). I found a nice tribute on youtube.  My layout cuts off the right side of the screen.  Click the video to watch via youtube.

I'll link to those posts in a moment, but first, are any of you Star Wars fans? If you haven't checked out 'Star Wars: The Musical', then, sorry, but you have to now. The link is HERE. If you go to 'The Musical' link on the right sidebar, you can play and download all the fantastic songs that these guys put together. Kind of wish LucasFilm would have done something with these songs or the concept!!!

This Week on the Blog:
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Author Interview: Nicole Zoltack
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You Will Be Missed, Lis Sladen
Bye, Bye Tokyopop

And On With The Hops...
Book Blogger Hop
The Question of the week is:
If you find a book you love, do you hunt down other books by the same author?

Answer: I try, but many times I'll only enjoy a handful of books by the author. Universally, I love Bruce Coville's works. As far as other series, I thought I'd love DJ Machale's new series, but didn't. While I loved Cirque Du Freak (by Darren Shan), I didn't love Demonata. Even Stephenie Meyer. Loved Twilight and The Host, but the sequels, not so much! And finally, while Susan Coooper wrote my favorite book, I really could never get into anything else she wrote.

The Question of the Week is:
What is on your current playlist right now?

Answer: I'm a bit weird when it comes to music. I don't have a playlist, persay. I usually turn on a radio station and listen to random mix's. I'm a huge fan of Pandora radio and recently, groove shark.

If you were listening to a mix of my Ipod, you'd hear at lot of: The Monkee's, Hanson (yes, they still make records!), various showtunes, my favorite anime/drama themes, hits from the 90's pop era, and tons of regular pop/rock (from all decades).

Actually, a lot of my taste in music comes from my mom. Odds are if she played or plays it, I tend to enjoy it. That would be one of the many reasons I know lyrics to many a Barry Manilow songs and Bobby Sherman song. (The Monkee's was totally Nick@Nite's fault!)

That's it for now, folks! See you next week and don't forget to enter my contest!!!!! (If any of you'd like to help me out on this, I'd love a bit of advertising for it! Let your readers know!!!)


Alison Can Read said...

Hopping through. Hanson is quite catch.
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Hi-I am happy to be a new follower of your blog- The Reading Life. I hope you might be able to follow me back!--Mel u

AP said...

New follower here!

I like pandora. =)

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Lindsay said...


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Getting Your Read On said...

I grew up hearing 60's and 70's music because of my mom and dad. I love so much of it still. I was so proud of my son when he answered a trivia question about 80's music and he wasn't even born until the mid 90's!

Happy Friday!

Lisa Jo said...

Hey! I'm a new follower! I'm listening to some Adele right now....your tastes are quiet eclectic! I love it!

Happy Blog Hop!

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