Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just an FYI...

Hi ya readers. So, you may have noticed the usual Tuesday review didn't appear this week... Just a quick FYI, I'm participating in Script Frenzy this month and have made a pact with myself to really participate, as opposed to procrastinate and not finish! I'm not writing a full blown screenplay, but a television pilot. I think better in 35 to 65 page scripts rather than 100+! For that reason, my reading time will be cut down a bit. Please bear with me this month!!!

I am currently reading 'Sweet Valley Confidential' by Francine Pascal. So far, I'm enjoying the read. I haven't read about the Twins since, well, 'Sweet Valley Kids' and that was some time ago!

Also, I have yet to post a review of 'Anna and the French Kiss' and 'Unearthly', so look for reviews of those within the next few weeks!

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Cialina at said...

Good luck with Script Frenzy! :)