Monday, August 2, 2010

A Few YT Links...

Yesterday my aunt came up to me super excited about a documentary she'd just watched called 'Twilight in Forks'...  (Yes, she's a bit obsessed...)  I thought I'd post the trailer for this Direct to DVD release here, for others like me who seemed to miss the release!

(*NOTE: This layout messes with YT videos a bit. Click the video to go straight to the Youtube version if the right side of the video is cut off!)

I'm thinking I may check this out. Being a recovered Twihard myself, the concept around this sounds pretty interesting. If only netflix would just stream it!

Also on the Twilight front, I found this video "How Twilight Should Have Ended" and thought it was funny enough to share here. One of the things I really like about this video is the animation. It's so Daria. Kudo's the the creators!

That's it for now! Expect a new review soon!


Bea said...

Hi! Stumbled across your blog in the comments section over at 21pages. I loved this post! "How Twilight Should Have Ended" was fantastic.

Brooke said...

Bea~ Thanks for stopping by! The guys who did 'How Twilight Should Have Ended' have a whole slew of videos posted on YT.

I love the end-- "lets go eat some people!".

Linna said...

Haha, loved "How Twilight Should Have Ended"! I got a few good laughs out of that one. The animation is pretty awesome!

Brooke said...

Linna~ Thanks for stopping by! Definitely check out the rest of the videos by these guys. They're all really good and most are in pretty good taste!