Thursday, August 5, 2010

One'sy Two'sy Book Meme

One book that changed your life: 'Twilight'-- Why? Because I found myself connecting it to various real world things. For example, Car and Driver magazine, Volvo's, Lion/Lamb line...

One book you have to read more than once:  'The Grey King'-- I've read it a gazillion times!!!

One book you’d want on a desert island:  It's a toss up between the two books mentioned above!!!  Most likely, 'The Grey King'!

Two books that made you laugh:  'Hex Hall' and most recently, 'Vampirates 5: Empire of the Night'.  They both just have great funny quips.

One book that made you cry:  A Certain Slant of Light-- the end totally got me.

One book you wish you’d written:  Hands down, 'Twilight'

One book you wish was NEVER written:  'The Catcher in the Rye'-- sorry, I really don't like it...

Two books you are currently reading:  'Reckless' and the next is pretty much up in the air!

One book you’ve been meaning to read:  There are too many to name!  But I have wanted to read 'Little Women' forever...


Bea said...

I tried reading "Fetch" (which I think is by the same author of "A Certain Slant of Light"). I never finished it, but maybe that was a product of it being about Rasputin/Anastasia/a spirit. I really liked the title for "A Certain Slant of Light," though. The concept sounded good. Maybe I *should* have picked it up. :P

Bea said...

Also, sorry to comment twice: I think I'm going to do this meme now!

Brooke said...

Bea- Fetch was a bit odd, I agree. I wanted to love it, but only ended up liking it. Laura Whitcomb writes touching endings, which saved Fetch a bit.

A Certain Slant of Light is an awesome title-- it drew me to reading it! I *highly* recommend reading it. It has an odd side story, but the love story in it and the idea that everyone can find happiness even after passing is done really well. Plus, it's not you typical YA novel. It falls in-between YA and Adult novels, I think.

Wow, sorry for blabbering on!!! Feel free to steal the meme. I did from a book meme LJ!