Saturday, January 9, 2010

Question of the Month

The concept behind the Question of the Month is simple. I ask a question and you chime in with your responses! Not too complicated, but always fun!

This months question centers around books and movies. Is there a movie you hate because of how far it drifted from the source material? Is there a movie where, while it did drift, you still enjoy it?

One of my favorite movies is 'The Neverending Story'. I watched this movie many times before reading the original source material by Michael Ende. For that reason, I don't care how much it drifted from the source material because Bastian and the rest have already touched me in a way all favorite movies should. I have read the book plenty of times and love that, too, but it will never change my opinion of the movie.

On the flipside, I find it hard, vary hard, to watch 'The Seeker', the movie adapted from The Dark Is Rising, by Susan Cooper. It seems the screenwriter in charge of adapting this awesome book thought the best way to bring it to the screen was to re-write the whole thing minus the character names. We still have Will Stanton, Merriman, The Rider, but the story is nothing like the book. It was completely re-written into something far too different from the source material for me to watch without cringing or (sorry) laughing at all the silly things the characters do. In my humble opinion, that screenwriter should never adapt anything ever again. EVER.

There you have it. What are you picks?

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