Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Want To Meet Stephenie Meyer....

Readers might know that I had the chance to really talk with Stephenie Meyer during her first tour back when Twilight was pretty unknown. Well, I blew it. I have this problem sometimes... I never know what to say to famous authors, actors, singers... I usually just smile and say thanks. Had I known then what Twilight would turn into, you bet I would have talked Ms. Meyer's ear off!!!

Well, I'm having a bit of a Twi-hard moment here because... Well... I just saw this contest posting on The Twilight Saga website... A chance to meet Stephenie Meyer in an undisclosed place and ask her whatever you want!!! Man, I want to win this. I want to win this so bad! Not only does it involve meeting Stephenie Meyer, but it involves traveling, which is always a nice perk!

This contest got me to wondering what I would ask if I did get a chance to meet her again... And honestly, I'm not sure... I have a lot of Twilight questions, but probably more questions about The Host. *SPOILER* (Like, why was Wanderer put in such a weak body at the end?!) *END OF SPOILER*  This whole contest feels very reminiscent of Willy Wonka and the golden tickets.  Well, I want a golden ticket, please!

Check out contest details HERE. And good luck! (Although, I still want to win!)


Lulu (The Bookworm is Here!) said...

I hope you win! I know how it feels to want to win a contest really bad! Good luck!

-Lulu The Bookworm <3

Brooke said...

Thanks, Lulu!

Small Review said...

Good luck to you!

I'm the same way when it comes to talking to authors. I haven't even considered doing any interviews because I'm too shy.

Anonymous said...

Brooke, I hope you win!

I also love your blog, so I'm awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award. I have fifteen to give away and will put the names onto my blog in a day or two.

Brooke said...

Small Review: I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem! I just never know what to say when I'm in front of famous people, authors, musical groups, etc... Till after the fact!

Erin- Thanks for the award!