Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fantasy Cast: The Grey King

By now, I think I've mentioned my favorite book on this blog hundreds of times. It's 'The Grey King' by Susan Cooper and is part of the 'Dark Is Rising Sequence'.

A while back a horrible movie was based off the first book in the series-- that movie was called 'The Seeker'.  Since 'The Seeker' made no money and was so changed around that that it was impossible to make the sequels, I figured it was about time to cast the fourth book in the series-- 'The Grey King'. Who knows, maybe one day when I'm a big producer, I'll be able to make the series myself...

And on we go-- the fantasy cast of 'The Grey King'.

Will Poulter (Voyage of the Dawn Treader) as Will Stanton:
Will is the title character of the series. A few things to keep in mind when casting him-- he needs to still be a bit young or at least have a baby face. Also, I've always pictured him fair skinned. And most importantly, the actor chosen needs to be able to play a character who is young phsyically, but play like he has an 'old soul'. Will Poulter seems to be the Will Stanton of today. Plus, I quite enjoyed him in 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader'. That kid has talent.

Colin Morgan (Merlin, Doctor Who) as Bran:
Arg, Colin isn't my first choice, but he's the closest to what I picture for Bran.  It mostly has to do with his eyes. They just seem so Bran like to me. (It helps that he's such a cutie!) Were I casting this movie, Bran would probably be an unknown actor or a new, little known actor.  However, for the purposes of this post, it goes to Colin.

Johnny Depp (Chocolat, PotC) as John Rowlands:
Oh, Johnny Depp... This isn't just an excuse to get Johnny Depp's picture on my blog. Nope. The character John Rowlands has to be mysterious, friendly, and exude trust. While not Welsh like the character, I think Johnny Depp could blow this character out of the water and be very believable in the role.

John Simms (Doctor Who) as Caradog:
While I'd hate to see John Simms play such a bad guy, I think he has the look of Caradog, the big bad in the 'The Grey King'. I have only seen him in Doctor Who, but he comes off as a great actor.

Sam Neill OR Ian McKellen as Merriman:

My case for Sam Neill? I quite enjoy him as an actor in the lighter projects he's done. Plus, while he's not an older actor, he seems to have the personality and aire of the central Merlin character in the sequence. Make up to make him look a bit older and a new hair do could make him a great choice for this role.

Now, to be 100% honest, my first and favorite choice is Ian McKellen just as he is in 'Lord of the Rings'. That is always how I pictured Merriman to look. However, I'm not sure how open McKellen would be to pretty much playing the same character he played in 5 (counting 'The Hobbit') movies...

So there you go, my cast of 'The Grey King'.  What do you think?  Who would you cast?

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