Saturday, September 26, 2009

Review: Witch & Wizard by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet

Title: Witch & Wizard
Author: James Patterson, Gabrielle Charbonnet
Format: ARC
Genre: Fantasy, Scifi, Adventure
Perfect for: Fans of Maximum Ride

After siblings Whit and Wisty wake up to armed soldiers breaking down their door, they find themselves on a ride that will change their lives forever and possibly one that might change the world. Told from both Whit and Wisty's point of view, Witch & Wizard follows the two as they discover powers within them that they never knew existed, all while trying to survive the all-powerful 'One That Is The One' that seems to want them out of the picture permanently.

When I write anything, I tend to toss the reader into a situation they know nothing about to grab their attention. Patterson and Charbonnet take that idea to a whole new level with 'Witch & Wizard'. From page one, we find ourselves in the middle of events we don't understand. Essentially, we are as clueless as the main characters, learning the ins and outs of this foreign world just as they do. The style drew me in automatically and made this a roller coaster of a read. Much like Pattersons Maximum Ride series, the chapters are short, making it easy to step away for short breaks.

While I enjoyed the story of Whit and Wisty, I did have one problem with 'Witch & Wizard'. While action is great, I would have loved some back story to go off of while reading. Since this is the first in what looks to be a series, I'm sure we'll get more of it later, but it would have been nice if the reader wasn't left in the dark about everything till the final few chapters.

While I'm not over the moon about this fantasy adventure, I think it's worth checking out if you like action packed titles like 'Maximum Ride' or 'Among the Hidden'. 'Witch & Wizard' will keep you on you on your toes, I'm sure!


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