Monday, September 14, 2009

Review: Gone by Michael Grant

Author: Michael Grant
Format: Hardcover
Genre: YA/Sci-fi
Perfect For: Kids 12+

The kids in Perdido Beach didn’t know that the morning they went to school would be the last bit of normalcy they’d experience for a long time. Everything was normal until ‘poof’, everyone over the age of fourteen was gone. Together, the unsure leader Sam, the brainy Astrid, her autistic brother Little Pete, the new boy Edilio, and the scared sidekick Quinn have to unlock the mystery of the strange disappearances and the strange powers kids all over the town are starting to get. They think help has come when the kids from the expensive private school arrive, but soon find out that when everything you know disappears, you can’t trust anyone.

I really enjoyed Gone by Michael Grant. From page one it had me hooked. Anyone who likes action will love this story. Every page turn brings about a new twist that has the reader wanting more. The characters seemed real enough for me, although in some of the situations, I had to remind myself that they were all under fourteen! I liked Little Pete’s character. Although we don’t see everything he can do, I see him doing some great things in possible future books. The story in Gone has a complete beginning, middle, and end, but I warn you now—it’s open ended. You’ll want more.

Overall, I’d recommend Gone to anyone who enjoys a fun sci-fi- end of the world as we know it story. It’s a fun story that really makes you think—what would you do if your world were turned upside down like Sams?

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