Monday, September 14, 2009

Q/A: A Little About Me...

Who are you, anyways?
I'm Brooke. Just your regular girl who decided to grab a bit more space here on the web to voice her opinion on items she loves-- books!

Why review books?
I've been around books all my life working at libraries and bookstores. Still do, matter of fact! The main reason I write these reviews is because it's fun. Sharing good titles is something I enjoy.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?
My aspirations are to be a writer. In a perfect world, I would write for TV, but it's quite a hard thing to get into when you aren't in California! I'm currently working on scripts and manuscripts that will, hopefully, one day be published!

Do you have a favorite movie? Book? Color?
Movies- Newsies, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast
Books- The Grey King (Cooper), Aliens ate my Homework (Coville), Cirque Du Freak (Shan)
Color- Purple

What should we expect from this book blog?
Expect it to get better! I'm making tweaks all the time in hopes of making it great. The layout will most definitely change eventually, but I'm not that much of a webhead, so bear with me. :p

Between Spiderman, Superman, and Batman, who's the best?
Spidey all the way! Batman seems to have anger issues to me. Superman, well, he's strong, but not the best. Now Spidey might be depressed half the time, but he always gets the job done and always has the perfect sarcastic line ready for this enemy. Gotta love Spidey. :p

There you have it! If you have more questions you'd like to ask, leave me a comment!

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