Wednesday, March 16, 2011

At The Movies...

At The Movies... is something I'm trying out. Christmas 2010 I received a subscription to 'The Hollywood Reporter'. It is a collection of entertainment news, reviews, and award spotlights. One of my favorite sections in the magazine has to do with new deals and cast details for pre-production projects. At The Movies... will feature some of the fun info I learn week to week from this magazine and the web in general. Comments in parenthesis are my own opinions. Enjoy!

- Jennifer Lawrence looks to have been offered the role of Katniss in the future adaptation of 'The Hunger Games'. Alongside her title role, Josh Hutcherson looks to be stepping into play Peeta. I haven't heard anything about Gale's character, but that maybe because Gale isn't a huge player in the novels until the final book in the trilogy. (The more I think of Josh H. as Peeta, the more I'm okay with it. I'd like to see him play a nice guy!)

- Susanna White (Nanny McPhee 2) may be directing the adaptation of 'The Host' after the original director dropped out. Various articles are saying that this movie is running into more than a few hiccups. (I *really* want to see this movie, as I find 'The Host' better than the the final three books in the 'Twilight Saga'. If they're really having trouble fleshing out the amazing story, they can hire me on as a producer!)

- According to the 'Vampire Academy' movie producers facebook page, they're still alive and well and are still working on getting the 'Vampire Academy' novels on the big screen. (I'm looking forward to seeing this series. Course, I'll have to deal with a lot of Dimitri, but as long as he's pretty, I guess it will be okay!)

- According to IMDB, the 'Enders Game' movie now has a 2013 release date. Don't take this as a hard and firm date, this movie has been in pre-production for years. ('Enders Game' is one of the few adult sci-fi books I've ever enjoyed. I'm looking forward to this... If it ever gets released!)

- Walden Media is looking to produce 'The Magicians Nephew' next in the Narnia line up. They're looking for funding now. (Honestly, I would have preferred 'The Silver Chair' to take advantage of the Eustace character while he's young, but I guess 'The Magicians Nephew' could be good, too. I haven't read that in forever.)

- This might be old news for you, but it's new news for me! Did you know that Miley Cyrus is attached to the adaptation of 'Wake' (as in the YA trilogy) by Lisa McCann? I didn't. (I can't say I've enjoyed watching Hannah Montana (oops, Miley Cyrus) in anything... It sounds like a definite case of 'read the book first'!)

- Also, I just read that a 'Septimus Heap: Magyk' movie is in the works! (Of all the fantastic series out there, they choose this one? Okay, a little harsh. It may be a good movie. Not my kind of book, though.)

This weekend, I watched 'Bandslam'. You may remember the adverts for it making it look like a remake of High School Musical. I was all set to not like this movie, but you know what? It was actually quite entertaining! It follows a high school boy who's pretty much an outsider due to a dark family secret. He also happens to be a musical genius (in a cool rock way). After starting at a new school, he gets pulled into playing producer for local band that makes it their goal to win the town's 'bandslam'.

The movie turned out to be very quirky and more of a coming of age tale than a corny 'glee-like' movie. It's not even a musical, really. And Vanessa Hudgens role in the film?  She's a side character, which was fine with me.  I don't mind her in 'High School Musical', but she has yet to prove herself as an actress who warrants $10 movie tickets...

And that's it for this week! See ya around!


Stephanie said...

Great scoop! Some exciting movies in the works. I agree about Narnia--I thought the kid they got to play Eustace was a good actor. Wonder when (or if) they'll get to The Silver Chair.

Emily said...

I don't want any big actors to play in The Hunger Games movie. I want them to take someone small and make them big.

Unknown said...

Regardless of who was cast in the role of Katniss, I just can't wait for the movies to finally start filming!!!!!

I hadn't heard of Jennifer Lawrence before, but since she was just nominated for an Oscar, I'm guessing she'll do a great job.

I think I heard about Miley and Wake about a year ago (and she was supposedly cast in the lead of Wings as well), but I haven't heard anything about production actually starting on those films...

Brooke said...

Stephanie- I don't think the kid who played Eustace will ever get to play his character again. Unless he ages really gracefully, he'll look too old by the time they finish and get funding for another movie. I'd like to see Last Battle on film one day!

Katie- I'm excited they're making headway, too!

Emily- I've never heard of the girl they supposedly cast. I'll need to IMDB her. I think a (talented) newbie would have been a nice casting choice, though, too.