Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Tigers Curse by Colleen Houck

Title: Tigers Curse
Author: Colleen Houck
Genre: YA, Supernatural, Action, Romance
Perfect for: romantics (who don't mind minor writing issues)
Format: ARC
Release Date: January 2011
Star Rating: 4/5

Kelsey is done with high school and on her own, well sort of. Her job at assisting the Tiger trainer at the circus parked in town has her pretty busy. Strange things begin to happen when she feels drawn to Ren, the Tiger she takes care of. When rich Mr. Kadam offers her a job in taking Ren to a preserve in India, she can't refuse.

Trouble is, Ren isn't just a Tiger. At least, not all the time. As it turns out, he's also a 300 year old Indian prince who was cursed by an evil man in hopes of de-throning him. As Ren and Kelsey try to break the curse that binds him, they feel more and more drawn to each other until they break.

If this sounds familiar, it might be because you've already read it. This book was available as an ebook last year for Kindles, as well as it's sequel. I, sadly, just found this via ARC and now cannot hunt down a copy of said sequel to save my life! And yes, I really want to continue this saga.

The story is pretty original. I mean, how many YA titles take place in India? And star an Indian prince who is cursed to play Tiger almost 23 and a 1/2 hours a day? Not too many. It's a nice change from Vampires, Werewolves, and that whole lot.

The writing has some problems. We are 'told' a lot, as opposed to learning it on our own. There are some big blocky paragraphs of texts that are just never fun. There's also a bit of redundancy sometimes, but the overall story and characters cover for the lack of refinement.

The characters are likable and you really do start rooting for them as you read on in 'Tigers Curse'. The romance between Ren and Kelsey is actually quite cute and (somewhat) more realistic than other supernatural YA novels. (My only complaint about the characters is that I really hate the nickname 'Kells' and the name 'Kelsey' in general, but that's just me. :p)

'Tigers Curse' is one of those reads that grabbed me without me even knowing. I found it hard to put down and I looked for info on a sequel almost immediately after finishing. All signs point to this being a fantastic series and I'm really looking forward to taking the journey with Ren and Kelsey.

I recommend you take a peek at 'Tigers Curse'!

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