Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick Reviews: Various Titles

Some books need long, over done reviews.  Some need short.  These few need short, quick review!

Title: I Am Number Four
Author: Pittacus Lore
Genre: YA, Juvi, Action, Adventure,
Star Rating: 3/5

I think this book was a little over hyped. It reminded me a bit of James Patterson's 'Maximum Ride' series. Lots of action. I like the idea of aliens hiding out on earth with the whole number system, but it wasn't my favorite book. That being said, typically, action titles aren't my favorite titles... I am looking forward to the movie, though.

Title: The Limit
Author Kristen Landon
Genre: Juvi, technology, mystery
Star Rating: 3/5

What a bizarre world. The concept is great and the story is executed well. 'The Limit' is a very quick, simple read. Perfect for the juvi set (especially boys) more so than the YA set.

Title: Dead Beautiful
Author:Yvonne Woon

Genre: YA, Supernatural, Romance, High School
Star Rating: 4/5

I'm a sucker for YA that takes place an unusual academy (think Harry Potter or Knightly Academy sorts of schools). Ignore the cover. 'Dead Beautiful' is a fun read. I quite enjoyed it. The two leads were great, especially bad boy Dante. I recommend taking a peek at this title, though warn you, you might have a few questions towards the end!!!

Title: Infinite Days
Author: Rebecca Maize

Genre: YA, Supernatural, Romance
Star Rating: 3/5

Highly recommended from a friend of mine, I did enjoy this book. I had to mark a few stars off just because the writing (which is executed quite well) took a while to get into. I always felt a bit disconnected to the story. The romance was a bit generic, but the lead character makes up for it. Word to the wise-- if you want the ending to mean anything, don't read the excerpt from the next book directly after. Wait a day or two.  That is my advice to you.

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