Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Host: Movie News- Extra Photo

One of my top ten favorite reads is 'The Host' by Stephenie Meyer.  The movie started production earlier this month.  While news is slow coming and pictures even slower, a local extra's snapshot recently hit the web.  It shows five girls in 50's style fashions.  It seems this adds fuel to the rumors that the host society has a 'retro' feel to it.

While I never pictured the world in 'The Host' to be at all inspired by the 50's, I can see why the filmmakers decided to go that route.  If you think about it, the hosts values are similar to the idea of the 1950's.  People were taught to be pleasant, amiable, rule abiding, perfect.  A lot like how the hosts.  On a side note, I've always been a fan of 50's fashions, so if this movie brings them back, that would be awesome.

More information on this film can be found at 'The Host Movie News'.

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