Monday, January 23, 2012

Deja Vu Covers! Which do you prefer?

Occasionally (well, all the time), I shelve books at work.  Today, I shelved two books with very similar covers.  I thought I'd share them with you.  Someone who uses Getty Images to make money must have been very excited to see their image on two book covers!

First, let us take a look at 'Mad Love' by Suzanne Selfors, published by Walker Books for Young Readers.  The cherry red umbrella is eye catching and the raining hearts?  They're cute, too.  Do I plan on reading it?  No, but as far as covers go, it's a nice one.

Now, take a peek at 'Struck' by Rhoda Stapleton, published by Simon Pulse.  Are you getting the sense of deja vu?

Two different publishers.  Two different cover designers.  One Getty Image manipulated in two different ways.  (Look closely and you'll see identical water droplets on the umbrella's panel, fourth from the left!) Neat, huh?

My personal favorite is the cover to 'Mad Love'.  I think 'Struck' has too many hearts raining down.  Which do you prefer?

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