Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five Favorites

I stumbled upon this new meme and thought I'd try it out. I love meme's that let us talk a little more about who we are and not just book related facts. Friday Five Favorites can be found at Living like the Kings blog.  Join in on the fun!

Favorite cuisine: I am very addicted to perogies (with cheesy mashed potato's inside) and Pepperoni Pizza. Yum Yum! Other than that, I eat a lot of deli sandwiches.

Favorite vacation: Florence, Italy. I studied there for a month and LOVED it. Florence is such a beautiful city. It's located in a perfect place because you can venture out to so many adorable Tuscany towns, including Siena. Siena is my favorite place in the world.  If you can go there, go there!

Favorite hobby: I love taking photos and, oddly enough, re-rooting doll heads. Check out last weeks FollowFriday/Book Blogger Hop meme for links to my doll collection/photography. :-)

Favorite Holiday tradition: Christmas Specials. There are a select few specials that I need to watch prior to Christmas for it to really feel like the holiday. The Muppet Family Christmas is a must watch every holiday season!

Favorite “the-baby’s-asleep-the-chores-are-done-now-what-shall-I-do” pastime: Well, I don't have a baby or a husband yet, but as far as past-times, I am prone to turning on the TV or hopping on the internet.  I tend to obsess about certain shows, one being Doctor Who. If there is a marathon, I am there.  


Sarah Joyce said...

I am so with you on the perogi's and Doctor Who marathons. I managed to get my roommate and my best friend into it just so I had other people to geek out with!

Kat said...

I am DYING to go to Italy. So jealous. Thanks for linking up

KristinCanRead said...

Love this one! I'll have to try it out next week.

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