Friday, June 17, 2011

Book Blogger Hop/Follow Friday/Updates

It's that time again! I've passed over the last few hops b/c I wasn't a huge fan of the question. This week has some interesting questions, so I thought I'd participate...

This Week on the Blog:
Review: Tigers Quest
Review: Legend

The Question of the Week is:
Genre Wars! What's your favorite genre and which book in that genre made it your favorite?

Answer: My favorite genre's are fantasy and supernatural, usually the kind that mixes with the real world a bit! There are so many. Originally, the works of Bruce Coville (Magic Shop series) and Elizabeth Winthrop (Castle in the Attic) brought me into the genre. Since then I've discovered a ton more awesome titles! Happy fiftieth feature, ParaJunkee!
Book Blogger Hop
The Question of the Week is:
How many books are currently in your To-Be-Read (TBR) Pile?

Answer: Too many! Most are older titles that I have been told are really good that I just haven't gotten to you! For the full list, check out my goodreads account-- link located on this site's side bar!

See ya next week!


Jules said...

I have way too many books in my TBR pile too! :)

TC said...

It's too easy to grow a massive TBR list, mine is never-ending and the figure I gave was a rough estimate (and probably a conservative one)

karen! said...

I'm just popping over (a little belatedly) from Parajunkee. I hope you have a nice weekend.

I skipped last week as well.

I'm your newest follower.
(my blog)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I skipped last week too. I look forward to seeing you in future hops!

♥ Trish

WickedWillow said...

Hey Just hopped over to your blog!
It's lovely.
I am following you now.
Please have a look at my blog.
It's pretty new.
I would love it if you follow me back.