Tuesday, June 28, 2011

At The Movies: And 'The Host' finally has a Melanie!

So, remember Stephenie Meyer's other book, 'The Host'? The movie rights were sold years ago and finally we have some solid proof that a movie will eventually come to the silver screen! Here are the facts...

According to IMDB, the movie will hit theaters March 2013, being distributed by Open Road Films.

And even better? They've announced the actress chosen to play main character Wander/Melanie-- Saoirse Ronan (credits: The Lovely Bones, City of Ember, Atonement). Jared and Ian have not yet been cast (or news hasn't hit the web about it yet!). With Saoirse cast, I'm sure we'll be hearing more cast updates soon. 

My thoughts? I've only seen the girl act in 'City of Ember', but I don't mind the producers choice. She has that 'quirky' look (Picture) that I always pictured Wanderer to have. The only problem I see is that she looks a little young for the person I deemed in my fantasy cast to play Ian-- Ian Somerhalder. She would work well with my Jared-- Matt Lanter.

So, keep your eyes out for 'The Host' movie news!  I'm sure we'll be seeing more soon!!!!  (And if you haven't read the book-- read it!  If you can't get through the first 100 pages, I totally understand-- they're long winded.  Just skip them!  Start at 101 and you'll be hooked.  :p )

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