Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Books Arrived!

I'm super excited about two of the arcs I have waiting to be read because they happen to be from two of my favorite authors!

Well, most recently, I received DJ Machale's 'Morpheus Road- The Light'.  I've missed my DJ Machale books.  Since 2002, the year I picked up the first Pendragon book, I've had a book to look forward to every year.  When the final book came out of Pendragon, well, I was a bit sad!  My fingers are crossed that this highly anticipated new series will be just as great as Pendragon!

The second book I have waiting is 'The Thin Executioner'.  It's written by Darren Shan, author of 'Ciruqe Du Freak'.  I'm hoping to enjoy this book, as Demonata never really did anything for me.  Speaking of Cirque Du Freak, I watched the movie...  I'll write a bit more about it later, but here's my short opinion of it-- adapting three books into two hours is a tough job.   The movie didn't turn out that bad-- just expect a new adventure and not the adventures we found in the books.

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