Saturday, October 24, 2009

Forever Favorites: The Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper

Welcome to the first ‘Forever Favorites’ post here on BBOB. This is where I spotlight my favorite books, or in this case, series.

The first installment of this is a series called ‘The Dark Is Rising Sequence’. Written by Susan Cooper, it has been around a long time. While it has a huge fanbase in the UK, it is lesser known here in the States.

Series: The Dark Is Rising Sequence
Titles: Over Sea, Under Stone; The Dark Is Rising; Greenwitch; The Grey King, Silver on the Tree
Author: Susan Cooper
Genre: YA, Juvi, Supernatural, Arthurian folklore

'The Dark is Rising Sequence' follows a group of kids as they embark on a journey to defeat a group of supernatural solders known as the ‘Dark’. Our cast of characters includes Will, a young boy who finds out that he isn’t a mere mortal, but a warrior of the ‘Light’; Bran, an albino Welsh boy who has a past not even he could have guessed; Jane, your typical no nonsense school girl; and Simon and Barney, her brothers. All find themselves on paths that were destined to be in a life and death battle as the Light and Dark are ready for their final meeting. Arthurian folklore is present throughout the books and told in a way that isn’t at all confusing for those who know little about it.

It’s complicated writing a review for a series, especially this one. Each story has a different purpose and you’ll meet characters in each book. ‘Over Sea, Under Stone’, the first book in the series (sometimes referred to as prequel of sorts), showcases Jane, Simon, and Barney. Will, the main character of the book isn’t featured until ‘The Dark Is Rising’, the second in the sequence. 'Greenwitch', the third title, is Jane's story. Bran is my favorite character in the sequence. He is introduced in ‘The Grey King’, the title I enjoy the most out of the series for its action and lyrical descriptions of Wales. Finally, in the final title ‘Silver on the Tree’, our heroes are together for the first and last time, each playing their own part in the climactic battle.

The series is a great pick for both ages 9 and up. Adults can easily enjoy it, as well. Those with an interest in good stories with Arthurian ties should love this title. While it isn’t the most action packed series on the market, it is full of lyrical descriptions that make you feel as if you, too, are experiencing what the characters are. In fact, the descriptions of Wales are the sole reason I want to travel there someday! If you haven’t read this series, take a chance on it. If you saw the (horrible) movie supposedly based of it, read this series. I promise, this series is amazing. I will cherish 'The Dark Is Rising Sequence' by Susan Cooper for the rest of my life and hope you will, too.

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