Monday, August 24, 2009

Review: The Roar by Emma Clayton

Title: The Roar
Author: Emma Clayton
Format: ARC
Genre: Young Reader/Sci-Fi
Perfect For: Kids 9-14

I'll admit it-- I took my time getting to this book. The cover didn't catch me, nor did the blurb on the back. Months of it hanging over my head, I finally gave in and I'm quite glad I did! This book turned out to be much more than I expected. It was a page turner, despite the lack luster cover.

The story follows Mika, a pre-teen boy who's sister disappeared a year prior and is believed to be dead by everyone but himself, as he finds himself involved in things much larger than he ever expected. Mika lives behind the protective Wall put up fifty years ago to save people from the dreaded and highly televised animal plague. After a new Pod Fighter video game is put up at the local arcade, Mika and his classmates are encouraged to play, as well as take a nutrient drink that is supposed to help them grow big and strong. But for what? That mystery propels this young adult novel. What is behind the wall? What has the government been hiding? What is the purpose of the new 'fit' regime and, most importantly, how do Mika, his sister, and his friends fit into that plan?

I couldn't put this YA novel down and recommend it those who might not be ready for Enders Game, Hunger Games, or The Uglies Trilogy yet, but want something that is fully planted in Science Fiction.

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