Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome Back, BSC!

My next review is going to be on the prequel to the Baby-Sitters Club (BSC) series, so I thought, why not write a bit about the original series for those who may not have lived through its original heyday.

Here are a few fun BSC series facts!

-The first book came out in 1986 and was called "Kristy's Great Idea"
-The series follows a group of best friends who decide to form a 'Baby-Sitters Club'.
-The girls are in 7th grade in the beginning of the series and eventually move into eighth grade.
-Including specials, there are over 200 books in the series!
-In 1990, a short lived TV show was made.  Embeded is a YT clip from my favorite episode!

- In 1991/92, a line of fashion dolls were made of the gang.
-In 1995, a movie was made based on the BSC with a cast that went on to make many other popular movies. Trailer is here!
-In 1998, more dolls were made!  From Kenner, they were 12" tall.
-In 2000, the last BSC book was published (Graduation Day).  Since then, the series slowly has gone out of print.

This new prequel, "The Summer Before", should bring a whole new audience to the series.  Along with this new book, the original series is also being slowly re-vamped and re-printed! Yay!  My personal hope is that this spawns not only a new legion of fans, but also a new tv show or new reunion novels down the line!

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