Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate

Title: Fallen
Author: Lauren Kate
Format: ARC
Genre: YA, supernatural, romance
Perfect for: those who loved Hush, Hush

Angels, I predict, will be the next big trend in teen fiction. 'Fallen' is a supernatural romance of the celestial kind. It follows Luce as she begins attending Sword and Cross Academy, a school for delinquents. Admittedly, Luce doesn’t know if she belongs there, but by a strange course of events finds herself there nonetheless. Though it seems like torture in the beginning, that all changes when she sees Daniel. She doesn’t know why, but she feels a connection to him and a past she cannot remember.

Daniel, however, does know the connection and knows they cannot give in to their feelings for one another. He has played this game every seventeen years and never has the ending been happy. But here he is again; faced again with a girl he is destined to meet over and over again.

But fate has different plans for this lifetime. Everyone at Cross and Sword is about to find out just how much one small decision can change the hands of fate.
I loved 'Fallen'. Really. Fallen, the first in a series, will have you hooked. The characters are engaging. Luce is so unlike other heroines in similar situations, though she was a bit over the top at the end, I admit. The good vs evil is done in a way where by the end, you know that both sides have secrets and not all of them are good.

Was the battle scene a little long for my taste? Yes, but the rest of the elements of this star crossed lovers/holy war saga won me over. I loved it! Check it out!

UPDATE: Check out the book trailer!

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